San Mateo Capital is a private equity fund offering our limited partners the ability to invest in potential high return, high risk ventures in all areas of quantum computing.

San Mateo Capital’s Limited Partners are individual accredited investors, family offices and institutions who are looking for ways to place capital in the quantum computing space. Limited partners of San Mateo capital rely on decades of Silicon Valley experience, wisdom and connections to choose stellar portfolio companies and courageous entrepreneurs. Whether from Stanford, Cal Berkeley, or other, San Mateo Capital looks for individuals who are leading the way in quantum computing.

Incubator Approach

San Mateo capital takes a unique incubator approach for its early-stage companies. Upon launch of the incubator, Companies will generally be required to reside in San Mateo Capital’s incubator. Companies will thrive not only from sharing information and culture, but also due to San Mateo capital’s leadership helping to guide companies on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, San Mateo Capital will provide access to a very strong network which has been built over a 30 year period.