Quantum Computing Applications will be here in…

Quantum Computing Applications will be here in…

September 15, 2018 Uncategorized 0

A year ago, it seemed like most articles written about quantum computing talked about useful applications being 10 years (or more) away. 6 months ago we started hearing that quantum computing applications would be here in the next 5 years.

Hold onto your hats.

This past week Rigetti computing, one of the leaders and quantum computing hardware announced that they would have useful applications as early as 6 months from now, ““My guess is this could happen anytime from six to 36 months out,” says Chad Rigetti, CEO of Rigetti computing, in a Fast Company Article from September7th. https://www.fastcompany.com/90232670/quantum-computing-is-almost-ready-for-business-startup-says

Quantum computing is taking the world by surprise (speaking of the general population) yet it’s computing power promises to be billions of times faster than our fastest computers today. Some say that quantum computers already have attained quantum supremacy which simply means that there exists a quantum computer today that’s faster than the fastest standard computing system we have on the planet.

Stay tuned.