Quantum Computing: Could a Quantum Blockchain provide Ultimate Security?

Quantum Computing: Could a Quantum Blockchain provide Ultimate Security?

August 16, 2018 Uncategorized 0

By now many of us know the value in promise of blockchain technology. By distributing information across millions of computers and making that data immutable, block chain is now being used in many industries.

But can blockchain be the answer to Quantum security? Quantum computers potentially are billion this times faster than standard computing and therefore many believe that quantum computers can easily hack our best cyber security as it exists today. As quantum computing comes to life, there is distinct possibility that quantum computers can crack the encryption codes used by blockchain data.

So doesn’t make sense to build a quantum blockchain?

According to an article by John Wu in app developer magazine*:

“With a quantum Blockchain, present and past simultaneously exist. Messing with the present photons encoded in the current block will automatically alter the photons encoded in previous blocks, thus invalidating the entire chain. That’s because, in the quantum world, the photons of the present and photons of the past are somehow intertwined even though the latter no longer exists in present time. And unless they can travel back in time, hackers obviously can’t target photons that exist only in the past.

“The (quantum Blockchain) adds a far greater benefit in that the attacker cannot even attempt to access the previous photons since they no longer exist,” the researchers’ report said. “They can at best try to tamper with the last remaining photon, which would invalidate the full state. Hence in this application of quantum information, we see that the entanglement in time provides a far greater security benefit than an entanglement in space.”

Yet another example of the weird yet powerful effects of quantum computing.