The Quantum Computing Race is On

The Quantum Computing Race is On

April 10, 2018 Uncategorized 0

According to an article in the Japan Times, there is a very high-stakes battle going on between China and the US in the quantum computing world. According to the article, China’s building a $10 billion national laboratory and will put about $200 million a year in research behind it.

One of the biggest concerns about this race is that quantum computing is slated to decimate standard computing’s best encryption, which means that any computers, no matter how well encrypted and protected, become targets which quantum computing may be able to easily hack.

It would behoove the US government as well as private companies to move very quickly in this space as a few months ago quantum computing seemed 10 years away, and all of a sudden now it’s 5 years away. Things are moving rapidly in the space that’s why San Mateo capital is investing here.


In shadow of looming China-U.S. trade war, rivals waging high-stakes quantum computing battle